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Airport Ground Transportation Association

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We are a trade association for ground transportation operators, airport authorities, and industry suppliers dedicated to the continuous improvement of airport ground transportation services for the traveling public.

The AGTA 2019 Fall Meeting is coming up!

Airport Landside Planning -- A Cooperative Effort of Airports and Operators

The Benson Hotel
Portland, OR
September 8-11, 2019

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As the meeting title suggests, this meeting will focus on involving ground operators in airport planning and how airports and operators are addressing both the planning process and what they are currently doing to properly allocate airport facilities for efficient curb utilization and traffic congestion mitigation. Panelists will suggest the importance of cooperative planning and implementation of airport traffic mitigation, as well as examining such efforts already in effect. As always, the six breakouts each afternoon will further develop these schemes and provide an opportunity for delegates to relate their own experiences with looking into the future of the airport curb.

AGTA plans to zero in on safely getting travelers to and from the airport curb, and what both ground transportation providers and airports can do to maximize safe practices in and around the airport. Airports and airport ground transportation modes are rapidly changing; but is current operational data providing the critical information needed for airport landside managers and for ground transportation providers to carry out their respective tasks? Consultants to the industry will share their expertise on finding this critical information.

Along the same theme, Dr. Mundy, AGTA Executive Director, will present the newly updated AGTA Fees and Fares Survey results and the research on the Organization of Landside Management Within North American Airports. How airports and operators can use the information provided within these two studies as they plan for the future of air travel and ground transportation is the goal of this session.

New to AGTA meetings, in response to discussions from prior meetings, there will be an opportunity for delegates to meet with Exhibitors that provide newly innovative software for the industry in live demonstrations of their product. These demonstrations would take place in a breakout-type scenario. More information on this new session will be available with your Preliminary Agenda, available to you next week. Watch as the meeting comes alive ---- Looking forward to seeing you in Portland!

Click here to see a preliminary agenda for the 2019 fall meeting.