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Next AGTA “Let’s Talk About It” Zoom Conference:

Wednesday, October 21st 3:00p.m. Eastern

Charging the Private Auto for Curb Access

The time has come to ask the simple question of why commercial vehicles are the only ones to bare the cost of maintaining our airport curbs. Ground transportation providers are required to pay an “access fee” for their use of airport facilities; why aren’t private autos similarly charged? They use premium airport curbspace just as commercial taxis, TNCs, and shuttles. The crisis in lower airport revenue brought on by the pandemic may only have one new alternative solution - to resort to private auto access charges as the only way to regain financial stability.

AGTA’s Wednesday Oct. 21 “Let’s Talk About It” Zoom session at 3:00 EST will feature a panel of aviation experts on the development of private auto airport access charges, and just as important, the technologies that are available to bring these charges about. This is one session you may want to have your aviation board and top officials dial into for information on how ground transportation can contribute significantly more revenues to sustain the federal mandate that our airports be self-sufficient.

Presenters for this important panel include Roddy Boggus, Vice President & Aviation Buildings Service Group Leader, RS&H; Forrest M. Swonsen, Associate Vice President Airport Systems & Services, TransCore’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Group, and James M Cooper, Principal, Transport Research Partners.

Further Zoom details will be e-mailed to current AGTA members.