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Airport Ground Transportation Association

Board of Directors

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Lorraine C. Wilde, President
(Operator) Ft. Lauderdale, FL
David Bird, Chairman
(Operator) Scottsdale, AZ
Robert Bergeron, President-Elect
(Airport) DFW Airport, TX

Board of Directors

Abubaker Azam
(Airport) San Francisco International
Stacy Mattson
(Airport) Port of Seattle/Seatac International Airport
Fazi Bostajani
(Operator) Torrance, CA
Allen Fugate
(Operator) Janesville, WI

Jim Gleich
(Operator) Las Vegas, NV
Chris Groome
(Operator) Sandston, VA
Jack Santa
(Allied) Chagrin Falls, OH
Bill Lanham
(Airport) Washington, DC

April Russ
(Airport) Fort Myers, FL
Farouq Massoud
(Operator) Falls Church, VA
John McCarthy
(Operator) Chicago, IL
Ron Nisbet
(Operator) Oakville, ONT, ON
Sarah Fisher
(Operator) Chicago, IL

Executive Staff

Ray Mundy
(Executive Director) Powell, OH
Sandra Mundy
(Administrative Director) Powell, OH