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Airport Ground Transportation Association

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We are a trade association for ground transportation operators, airport authorities, and industry suppliers dedicated to the continuous improvement of airport ground transportation services for the traveling public.

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Airports Are Different Than Cities
Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel Redondo Beach, CA
March 6-9, 2016

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Airports are special places when it comes to ground transportation. Unlike cities and some states that regulate taxi, limo, and some bus and shuttle operations on public streets from all points to all points within a city's or state's geographic boundaries, airports regulate all modes of ground transportation from and to a single point, and they do it on private, crowded airport roadways with very limited curb space. Unlike a city, airports must assure the traveling public, including those passengers with disabilities, that these services will be there whenever airplanes are landing and taking off. Airport officials must assure their traveling public that ground transportation fares are fair and clearly communicated. Airports have a duty to ensure that the airline traveling public is offered safe, reliable, and fully insured quality ground transportation service. Airports must have the operational flexibility to develop a safe and fair ground transportation plan that requires all airport ground transportation operators to comply with the standards they've set for the safety of the airline traveling public, legal protection for the airport, and fairness to each class of operators. It is for these reasons that airports often develop operating agreements with one or more ground transportation carriers -- to ensure that the level and quality of desired services are there for all users of that airport.

Sessions during this conference will address the responsibilities of the airport for creating a level playing field for all ground transportation operators when it comes to TNCs and other “sharing” companies seeking to provide a commercial service at the airport. Airports need and should demand special “carve- outs” in legislative language in order for them to serve their traveling public. Look for these topics and more...

  • Federal background checks for all ground transportation providers
  • Tips for handling striking taxi drivers
  • Third-party ground transportation management - viable in today's world?
  • Methodologies for assigning curb space
  • Fee collection
  • Concession contracts in a TNC world
  • Technology innovations -- apps today and in the future
  • TNCs and the shared ride industry
  • Parking and car rental revenue effects from new technologies
  • Drug and background checks
  • Driverless shuttles to save $$
  • Devolving regulations for all airport servers?
As you can see, there is LOTS of information packed into this short meeting. Los Angeles and Redondo Beach provides a great background for you to find out what your counterparts are doing to meet the challenges facing airports and the airport ground transportation community as a whole. Vendors note that there is ample space available for vehicles to be exhibited in close proximity to our hotel. This would be a good opportunity to bring your product to the AGTA membership.

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Rooms for the Crowne Plaza Hotel can be reserved here for the rate of $170 per night. This rate will be available for meeting delegates 3 days prior to and following the meeting.